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PhD Positions --- Postdoctoral Positions

Dec 2019: A fully funded PhD Magdalen Vernon studentship is available each year for Perception in our department (UK/EU fees and stipend). Also SeNSS studentships with emphasis on social sciences (https://senss-dtp.ac.uk/application-faqs/).

Other possible funding opportunities for PhD and Postdoctoral positions are described below that we can apply for. Please contact me here for further discussions.

PhD Positions

Postgraduate Research in School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

In addition to the studentship described above, you can find information here about graduate studies in the department, including how to apply and some sources of funding.

Scholarships by Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Currently, we are successfully collaborating with Microsoft Research, Cambridge to fund PhD Student Jenny Vuong on her project looking at spatial updating in human observers. Students cannot apply directly for this source of funding. Click here for more information about the scholarship.

EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant

PhD student Mark Adams is funded by an EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant. For more information about this funding opportunity click here .

BBSRC CASE Studentships

There is also a possibility to apply for a CASE studentship working in close collaboration with industry. Click here for more information.

Postdoctoral Positions

EPSRC Project Grant

Dr. Luise Gootjes-Dreesbach is a postdoctoral fellow funded by the EPSRC. This grant was ranked top by the panel. From time to time, funded post-doc positions will be available in the lab and will be advertised through www.jobs.ac.uk, visionlist and other lists.

BBSRC David Phillips Fellowships

The BBSRC offers funding for independent research through Postdoctoral Fellowships, for more information click here.

Royal Society URF

These Fellowships provide 8 years of funding to allow young researchers to build an independent research career. For more information click here.

Royal Society Newton Fellowship

The Royal Society offers a two year fellowship for young researchers, who currently work outside the UK. Click here for more information.

EPSRC Fellowship

The EPSRC offers a new opportunity to fund postdoctoral fellowships across all career stages, see here for more information.